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Put simply. We are just about creating the best design for your needs, saving you time and hassle along the way. By thoroughly investigating and planning in detail during the early stages, you will lay the foundations for a successful outcome.


Mistakes made at the very beginning and shoddy planning can jeopardise the entire project. It is essential that the measured survey, the first step, is done properly.


We will ensure that your measured survey is accurate. Here at Complete Architecture, we do not cut corners and see to it that any work done on your behalf is carried out to the highest standard.


Your survey will be carried out by our team or a local company that has been vetted by us to make sure the work is completed by a trusted professional.




It is all about getting the design right and meeting your needs, be it an open plan kitchen diner to enhance your living experience or a house extension to accommodate your expanding family. We will produce architectural plans designed around you.


You will get sound advice; our approach is candid. If we think there is a better way to do it or we think the project is not worth your while, we will tell you.


The Complete Architecture team will make sure that the project is viable before you commit to a big spend.

Your experience with us will be collaborative, we work with you and take the time to understand your needs. Your design will not only look good but crucially will work for you.  You can even visualise your renovation with advanced 3D modelling and interactive 3D floor plans, we use the latest technology at Urban Enrichment.


The devil is in the detail…or so the saying goes. It is essential that any plans and design work are detailed and build on the accuracy of the measured survey. Any mistakes can threaten the success of the project.


You can rest assured that any drawings and pre-construction information we produce will be really detailed robust design documents.


We will ensure that any essential plans are well-made and the work is costed accurately, avoiding any shocks further down the line. With Complete Architecture you will get what you were expecting from your renovation project.


The more information put on paper and the more decisions you make upfront the less chance of any nasty surprises. You will minimise the risk that the work could take longer and the contractors are not sure what they are doing.


Your cost estimation will be based on thorough documents, meaning that you can make an informed choice with less margin for error. We are in control of costing and will be transparent with you about how much things cost throughout your time with Complete Architecture.


This transparent approach extends to our industry partners. We share cost data with contractors to assist with their pricing, which means that it will be more accurate. Our clients can be confident that their renovation project will have a greater chance of falling within budget.


What’s more, by providing the costs to contractors there should be less variation in pricing due to errors, omissions and provisional sums (an allowance or best guess). Your choice of contractor (we can arrange quotes from vetted contractors) can then be less about cost and more about picking the one who best suits you.


There are benefits for contractors as our costing will include labour and material schedules, speeding up the estimating process and making it easier for them. By saving contractors time we also speed up the process for our clients. You will soon have a realistic quote for your renovation project and can budget accordingly.


At Urban Enrichemnt, we don’t like cowboy builders. Our protocol for vetting means we’ll introduce you to reputable contractors to complete your renovation project.

When you work with a contractor we’ve recommended you can be confident that:


.We’ve spoken to the contractor.

.We’ve checked they belong to an appropriate trade body or that the contractor is a member of a safe traders organisation.

.We’ve spoken to 3-5 customers to get feedback on their experience with the contractor.


With over 10 years’ experience, we know what questions to ask and what to look for when choosing a contractor. Not only will we save you time and the hassle of finding someone yourself, you can also be confident that you are getting a trusted trader.

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